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Target Marketing

In the digital age it is becoming harder and harder to grab people’s attention.

On each withdrawal at an ATM, the customer is transfixed by the ATM screen. What an ideal way to promote your business or specials within your establishment during that time. Once they have completed their transaction, and obtained their receipt, why not take that opportunity to provide them with a coupon for your establishment to use right then. By implementing these features, you may be able to increase the amount of money spent within your establishment.

Cash-N-Go has two ways to help you take advantage of this ideal opportunity for targeted marketing.

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A Branding Program That Positively Impacts Your Daily Operations

ATM Screen Advertising
Your Cash-N-Go ATM screen display can be programmed to display information about special features and promotions. Our experienced team of representatives will help you create a marketing plan that will maximize the benefits of your Cash-N-Go ATM. The ATM already takes care of the hardest part which is getting their attention Let Cash-N-Go help you capitalize on it!

Coupons on ATM Receipts
You can also reinforce your marketing strategy by printing coupons on ATM receipts. Compared to a flyer that is sent out to thousands of individual that will never even enter your store, putting an ad or coupon on an ATM receipt is the ideal targeted strategy to upsell on the spot or encourage a return visit. Contact us today for more information about how to use your ATM receipts as a powerful marketing tool.
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