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For Grocery Stores, An ATM Adds Revenue Potential to Empty Space

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Grocery Stores have high concentrated traffic leaving the checkout.

For this reason, the presence of ATMs is not only a consideration, it's integral to your business model.

Quite simply, an ATM can be the highest revenue item per square foot that can be added to the store front.

Cash-N-Go will customize a professional ATM program to fulfill the unique requirements of your individual location, or ensure the success of a corporate ATM portfolio with a standardized program at multiple locations.

Cash-N-Go - ATM Professionals

Cash-N-Go currently has hundreds of ATMs deployed in Major Grocery Stores chains across North America. Here's a few ways your Cash-N-Go ATMs can help you achieve success:

  • Optimum placement of your ATMs ensures ATM usage without blocking traffic.
  • Offering an additional service to your customers gives them one more reason to select your business over your competitors.

  • Providing a valuable backup when credit and debit card processing systems go down.
  • Messaging options inform your customers about features and promotions.

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From ATM Choice To Complete Management.

While smaller retailers may be willing to take on resource-consuming jobs such as cash loading and maintenance, corporations have recognized the value in outsourcing ATM management to an experienced company with a North America presence.

Our Outsourced Solution for ATMs includes transaction processing, cash management, maintenance of each ATM and a sophisticated online reporting system.

With our resources and expertise, your corporation can assign one individual to efficiently oversee the management of an entire ATM network.

For the best solutions and ATM Sales and Service, contact Cash-N-Go now!