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Consider an Cash-N-Go ATM For Your Lobby

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Your hotel, motel or inn strives to provide outstanding customer service to your guests.

Offering your customers the convenience of an ATM is one way to enhance customer satisfaction.

In addition to adding value for your clientele, ATMs also offer several indirect benefits for your lodging establishment.

Cash is still the preferred method of payment for small purchases and gratuities, so ensuring your guests have cash can increase their spending in gift shops, snack counters, vending machines and increase tipping.

Having an ATM on site, means your guests won’t need to leave your business in order to get cash.

Cash-N-Go ATM - A Wise Investment

Access to an ATM in your lobby means instant cash in the pocket of your guests:

  • Studies show that the installation of an ATM facilitates spending money in your gift shop, coffee shop, restaurant or lounge.
  • Provide a valuable service to your guests.

  • Use the ATM's coupon feature to encourage return visits to your hotel or motel with special offers.
  • Enjoy a passive income stream from the ATM's direct surcharge.

Let us help you find the ideal solution for your business

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Let Cash-N-Go help you to cater to your international clients

As professionals in the industry, our goal is to work with hotels and other retail and service establishments to develop and maintain an ATM program that's affordable, stress-free and mutually beneficial. Contact us today to find out more about the purchase or placement of an ATM.

When travelling, we sometimes underestimate how much money we will want to spend at our destination. Make sure that your international guests can get access to their funds back home through an Cash-N-Go ATM.

Cash-N-Go ATMs can provide access to international networks and dynamic currency exchange, enabling your guests to access funds stored in bank accounts outside USA.

For the best solutions and ATM Sales and Service, contact Cash-N-Go now!