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For Shopping centres, ATMs Are A Must

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Shopping malls mean high traffic and big spending.

For this reason, the presence of ATMs is not only a consideration, it's integral to your business model.

Quite simply, customers need instant access to a durable, reliable ATM.

Cash-N-Go will customize a professional ATM program to fulfill the unique requirements of your individual location, or ensure the success of a corporate-wide ATM portfolio.

Cash-N-Go ATM - A Wise Investment

Here's a few ways your Cash-N-Go ATMs can help you achieve success:

  • Optimum placement of your ATMs ensures visibility, accessibility and usage.
  • Real time monitoring of status and cash position ensures your ATM is always well stocked.

  • Advertising and messaging options inform your customers about features and promotions.

Let us help you find the ideal solution for your business

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From a single ATM to multiple ATMs strategically deployed throughout your properties

Our Whole Outsourced Solution for ATMs includes transaction processing, cash management, maintenance of each ATM and a sophisticated online reporting system.

While smaller retailers may be willing to take on resource-consuming jobs such as cash loading and maintenance, corporations have recognized the value in outsourcing ATM kiosk management to an experienced company with a national presence.

Cash-N-Go currently has hundreds of ATMs deployed in shopping malls across North America.

For the best solutions and ATM Sales and Service, contact Cash-N-Go now!